Battle Cry

by hi i'm case

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I know i've been a little distant.
Don't try to ask what that could mean.
It's hard to work with the pressure,
appreciate the gesture,
but i need privacy.

So, could you please pay no attention
to the fuck behind the curtain?
I'll have something done in due time.
So please don't be uncertain
that i've worsened.
I swear i'm fine.
Don't you ever mind.

For now i'm trying out my battle cry.
'Cuz if i used it now someone would die.
I've had my practice in the weeks gone by,
and it's a miracle i'm still alive.

If i could have one week
to put time on pause,
or maybe just one day,
for me to fix all my flaws.

And then some.

It's not like i'm out of commission.
It just takes time to mend a wound
and let your scars show up.
And no, i'm not hiding,
i'm just finding
that my one-two punch
is not enough.

That's why i'm working on my battle cry.

What i've started, i've ended.
it's been a while since i've been caught red handed.
And still they press, for what i do in my spare time.
So how much time is enough,
For me to set things right?
I don't want to play catch-up.
I just want to put up a fight.

That's why i'm working on my battle cry.
'Cuz if i used it now you'd surely die.
I've had my practice in the years gone by,
So thank my mercy that you're still alive.

When you feel the signs, you'd better run.
When you hear my voice, you'd better run.
When you see my face, you'd better run.
Don't you turn your lights out, because i'm having fun.


released September 9, 2014




hi i'm case Kenosha, Wisconsin

Small town rocker.
Big time sound.
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